- Clean Thermal Hardening Furnace

  • With this item it is possible to make the Box. Bech type clean oval process which was previously done by hand to an automatic process line.
  • Production costs will be dramatically reduced as the processes of automatic continuance, heat treatment, desiccating, hardening, end Bonding become possible tasks.
  • Cleanliness degree of inside a furnace will attain Class 100.
  • The temperature inside the furnace is limited to an error of กพ0.5กษ (the standardized temperature is AT200กษ ) and provides ample temperature data.
  • We have deveioped and imptemented static electricity restraining materials.
  • Design enables filter change whithin 30 mimites.
  • All the functions are cntroled by trustworthy PLC and computors.
  • We guarantee low price, low production cost and quicker delivery.
  • All the functions and equipment are recegnized now technology developed localiy. This process has been patenied.
Working Furnace
350 x 1840 x 150 mm
350 x 4320 x 150 mm
Conveyor Working
350 x 3000 mm
350 x 5600 mm
220V x 3pH x 13.7Kw
Max Temp
RT~200กษ & 350กษ
Temp Accuracy
AT 200กษ กพ1กษ (6 point)
Conveyor Speed
0~250 mm/min
Class 100 (0.3ฅ์)
Blower Motor
0.75Kw x 45Hz
CA(K) & pt100งค
Intenor-SUS304 Extenor-SS41

We also make the item to order.

***** Applied Extent *****
  • Able to be used with many kinds of electronic materials which require a high degree of Cleanliness including various heat treatment material, resistors, solar betteries, IC(Integrated Circuits), adjusting vibrators, and optical items
***** Automatic production process *****
  • Various heat treatment, hardening, and desiccating.
  • Bonding
  • Molding
  • Coating
  • Sealing
  • Burn-In Chamber

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